Take your projects to the next level with MESH Hub app on Raspberry Pi


The Hub app allows you to run MESH projects all the time.

Create and build useful projects that keep running even when your phone isn't nearby. Instead of running your automated pet feeder project from your phone, you can run and operate any project 24/7 thanks to the Hub app on Raspberry Pi.

You need to setup MESH Hub via the MESH App for iOS.


Do more with your MESH projects (or 5 ideas that put the MESH Hub to great use!)

  1. Transform a self-watering plant project into an always-on solution that waters plants even while you're away on vacation.
  2. Make your home smarter with DIY motion-sensitive lights that save energy and money throughout the year.
  3. Track and log visitors to your family-owned restuarant with an always on motion sensor that sends data to a Google spreadsheet.
  4. Build an automated pet feeder that feeds your pets on schedule so their tummies never go hungry when you're running late on your way home.
  5. Monitor the average temperature of your home with smart temperature sensor that can log the temperature data to a Google spreadsheet.

How it Works

The MESH Hub app is a free application that you can install on a Raspberry Pi that allows MESH projects to run and operate all the time without a phone or tablet nearby.

What's Required

Free MESH Hub app (Download it)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Raspbian Stretch (Not Included)

AC adapter (Not Included)

SD card (Not Included)