With MESH, anything can become a smart device!

Make your very own IoT system

With MESH, anything can become a smart device!

Make your very own IoT system


What is MESH?

MESH is a tool that let you explore the smart world using everyday objects.
Just attach your MESH tag to any physical object,
and connect it with various connected devices and Internet applications on the MESH app.
Your own personal smart system is created, just like that!
No matter what your knowledge level, MESH is easy to use. There is no need for electronics or programming expertise.
Simply drag and drop to connect the icons on the MESH app.


Just connect in the app

You don’t need advanced technical training or tools to use MESH.
If you want to “turn on an LED light when you press a button,” drag and drop the button icon and the LED light icon on the MESH App – Once you connect the icons together, a cheerful ping sound indicates the connection.

And just like that, you have created the mechanism for turning the LED light on when the button is pressed.

With MESH, you can:

  • - Connect to various internet services (e.g. Gmail and IFTTT)
  • - Connect to various wireless devices (e.g. Phillips Hue, Olympus Air)
  • - Control functions on your tablet, smartphone (e.g. camera, speaker, microphone)
...plus, more features and tags are on their way!


MESH Tags have variety of functions including motion sensor/LED/button/brightness sensor and many more.
They are connected to the MESH App wirelessly and their compact shapes enable them to be easily attached or built into something. Unleash your creativity by combining them together!


iF Design Award 2016 / iF gold award

iPhone Life magazine Best of CES Award 2016

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015 Finalists / Judges' special Prize

Design for the Future Award Winner
Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015

Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon

People love MESH!

“Intuitive handling!”
female 20s
“I like how you can connect multiple tags instantly using Bluetooth and you don’t have to care about wiring. It’s like a magic!
male 30s
“It’s very simple and easy to understand. I’ve never worked with electronics but I’d love to try this”
female 30s

Feedback from Maker Faire Tokyo 2015

“It’s simple and you can do great things”
male 10 years old
“I was surprised at how easy it was”
female 8 years old
“I could make things just the way I wanted”
female 10 years old

Feedback from Questionnaires at MESH workshop at Sony Explore Science


Can I play with just one tag?

Yes, of course. For example, if you use the button tag, you can easily pair it with your phone’s camera to take a selfie. If you attach the Move tag to your front door, every time someone opens the door, you can an email notification on your phone. – There are many ways to play even with just one tag.

Any plans for Android support?

Thank you for waiting. We have released MESH app on Google Play. Please download and enjoy!

Can children use it too?

Yes, we have held workshops targeted towards children in lower grades of elementary school and they had no trouble handling the devices. Many users enjoy playing with MESH with their children.

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