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Visual Coding App

Simplify programming and wiring with an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas.

Visual coding app

Instant Integration

Connect your project to web services and popular smart gadgets like WeMo and Google Assistant voice activation.

Instant Integration
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Remote controlled car
Remote controlled car

Expand hardware projects without expertise.

Building an IoT gadget requires a ton of knowledge, but with MESH there is no need for expertise in circuits or network programming. With an IoT block in your project, you can add smart features like motion-sensitivity, remote control, orientation monitoring, voice commands, notifications, text messaging, and more.

Remote controlled car
MESH project
Remote-Controlled Car using MESH GPIO and Button
by Kiyoshiko Iwai
Remote control has never been so simple. Just connect MESH GPIO to a DC motor for instant remote control with MESH Button.
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Connect projects to the internet instantly.

Transform your project into an Internet-of-Things-connected device. Create gadgets like a Twitter alarm system or a voice-activated, data-logging, remote-controlled car.

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temperature app
temperature app

Customize smart gadgets.

MESH is compatible with over 350 smart gadgets, home automation devices, and web services on IFTTT. Built-in IFTTT integration in each IoT block makes it simple to add custom features to a smart gadget. For instance, with a MESH Motion and a MESH Temperature & Humidity, you can add a clever feature like motion-activated, multi-room temperature monitoring to a smart device like Nest thermostat.

IFTTT apps
IFTTT apps

Build your own gadgets.

Every smart gadget starts with a prototype, and MESH GPIO is a simple interface for development boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi or actuators like a DC motor. If you're building a gadget of your own, MESH GPIO integrates any smart devices or web services on IFTTT, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa for Echo, Twitter, Google Sheets, Philips Hue, Nest, LIFX, WeMo and over 350 more.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Self-watering plant stand
MESH project
Self-watering plant stand powered by MESH GPIO and a USB water pump.
by Takeo Inagaki
MESH GPIO makes all sorts of automatons possible. This project is as simple as choosing a trigger like MESH Button, a moisture sensor, or even a tweet to activate the water pump.
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MESH has a ton of built-in functions.

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Wireless IoT Blocks

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Visual coding app for iOS and Android

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300+ apps and device integrations via IFTTT

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Bluetooth low energy

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Customizable settings

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GPIO to interface with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

SDK for custom code, apps and services

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Rechargeable, durable and compact


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