Huge potential in small wireless Tags

Each MESH Tag has unique features and wirelessly communicates, so you’re able to attach MESH tags on anything, and in every possible way.
Currently, the following MESH Tags are available – Button, LED, Move and GPIO – and are described in detail with an invention below.


You can make simple shortcuts by using the Button Tag.
It receives multiple pressing patterns below.

 Press : detects if the button is pressed once.
 Hold : detects if the button is held down.
 Double press : detects if the button is pressed twice.


The LED Tag has multiple colors of LED.
You can create notification or visualization with this.
You can control color and patterns as below.

 Light Up : lights up when input comes.
 Firefly : blinks like firefly (slow turn on/off) when input comes.
 Blink : blinks when input comes.
 Off : lights off when input comes.


Move Tag is an input device that can detect motion patterns.
You can use this for detecting movement of something, or creating interaction.
It can detect various motion patterns as below.

 Shake : detects if the Tag is shaken.
 Flip : detects if the Tag is flipped.
 Tap : detects if the Tag is tapped.
 Orientation : detects the orientation of the Tag.


GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) Tag is for advanced users.
It has digital and analog input/output which connect other sensors or actuators such as light sensors, motors and written circuit with conductive pen.
For more details, see the section for advanced users and developers below.

TagCommon Spec

Wireless Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy

Range: Approx. 10 m

Power: Rechargeable battery

Interface: Micro-USB charge only

Size: 24 mm x 48 mm x 12 mm

For Advanced Users and Developers

GPIO Tag: Control other sensors and actuators as you like

MESH GPIO means General Purpose Input Output. If you are knowledgeable about electronic circuits, you can connect a sensor, an actuator or other electronic circuit as you like and control it. GPIO Tag has 10 pins which consist of the following.

GPIO Tag + Other sensors/actuators(Servo, Vibrator, Motion)

Digital In

Digital Out

Analog In

Analog Out (PWM)

Vo: 3.3V / 100mA (max) (working with internal battery),
3.3V / 250mA (max) (working with AC (Micro-USB) powered)


10 pins 2.54 mm pitch pin socket

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